Happy 5 Thailand

I’ve imagined myself cheating on my boyfriend with Thailand. I get excited when we reach new levels of comfort. I like that I feel home in Thailand. I also get really cute and celebrate how long we’ve been together and do monthly anniversaries. As so. 5 months in Thailand (well technically tomorrow) but luckily our honey moon stage isn’t quite finished yet.

See we were getting off on the wrong foot after my New Years trip. Thailand was giving me sas with it’s cultural differences. We were also spending too much time together. Luckily, I had some good company to get away from the situation and I told Thailand we needed some space and will being going to Bali, Indonesia for a week. It might have hurt Thailand’s feelings but he got over it and gifted me an internship with the Fulbright office in Bangkok. I think Thailand’s considering long term. We’ll see.

ANYWAY I’ve been MIA for a tad longer than a week but it feels like forever. I missed writing and sharing photos of beautiful Thailand, so i’ll update you:

  1. I got an eye surgery to remove my stye. SO painful! It was not enough anesthesia for me. Just 15 minutes and it healed fine; but still, I’m not sure if I would have done it knowing the pain I’d endure.
  2. I found out my students are going to change the world. For their final I gave them interview questions of their choice for either a sports team, a university, or a job. They answered I edited…344 papers. Once they were done they would type up the finished product and interview each other. I was mostly listening to their pronunciation, effort, and confidence in speaking English which has improved since I arrived!
  3. After their final was done SELFIE TIME! These students are seniors in high school so saying good bye really is Good Bye ❤   featured M6/01/1/2/3/4/5/6/7
  4. I’ve been given some extra love from students on Social media, that also answered my question if I was a good teacher this semester.
  5. I had a relaxing weekend with my Sukhothai Buddy: Edie! Where we found some good lounges, coffee shops, and explored Sri Satchanalai a lot more.
  6. Hung out with Kanoon, Cream, & Noe and FINALLY explored more of Sawankhalok (I’m never actually in town on the weekends).

    <Mango Sticky Rice>

I feel relieved fixing this blog situation to continue sharing my upcoming adventures: Bali, Indonesia! 2/28- 3/5. I’ll be going with 4 other lovely Fulbrighters and already have a volcano tour booked.


Elaine ❤


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