Bangkok to Ayutthaya

My challenge of Girl vs. City is about:    Girl 3   City 3.

When I went to Bali, I took out money at the atm of the airport. Not until it was my 3rd day in Bali did I realize I lost my atm card. It was an easy fix of calling the Thai bank and canceling my card just like I would in America. I didn’t have to start worrying about this until last Monday.

Long story short, people leave their cards in the atm ALL THE TIME in Thailand. It was also heavily warned upon my fellow Fulbrighters and I in October. Opps. They assured they’d find the card and send it to the nearest branch. I picked it up and no harm done on Thursday; Except for the taxi ride back of course… (city 1)

Work: Has been really good to me. After events in Sukhothai that made me nervous to stay in an office for a long period of time, I’m again comfortable and happy in my 5 week working environment. They never let me off the hook of being lonely. Even if my space is more closed off, I have a lot of the P’s come and visit and chat about anything. Oh and of course they continue teaching me Thai. (girl 1)





Me with Mr. Fulbright himself!

Wearing my new ZALORA dress which can be found at

AMCHAM Networking Party: I went to one of these in October and the results were not as …comfortable as this time. This time we got to go to Vertigo a bar on the 60th floor of Banyan Tree Hotel. Yes everything was deliciously free, even the countless glasses of wine we enjoyed. (girl 1)

~~~~Moment you walk 3 miles to accompany a friend to the Vietnam Embassy and pass it by a 10 minute walk…then need to walk back…~~~~

(city 1)

Housing: I’m a 15 minute walk from work which is nifty, thrifty, and HOT. It’s okay I can shed all the yummy street food I have right? Truthfully I was in complete shock when I entered my room. I read that the room was the size of the bed, but didn’t take it literally until I saw it for myself. I found the place on Airbnb. Small, very very small, but good location & and pretty okay pricing for set location. ALSO the host also owns 3 beautiful playful huskies! It really makes up for the small room. As well as the host, he’s really friendly and is always down to help….Along with the room comes great company from all over, pictured is food from Sri Lanka that a guy brought down to me when he found out I only at a 7/11 microwaved corn. It’s hard to explain to people that I’m a social eater and eating dinner alone just doesn’t sound appetizing.

Ayutthaya! I’ve been waiting to go here for a long time now. Ayutthaya is one of the first cities of Thailand, where it was a country all in its self. The Burmese destroyed it in 1767 and was founded in 1350. Can you say History? Any way we caught a 60 baht van in Victory Monument to get there, rented bikes at December House for 50 baht, and saw the old city and it’s coffee shops for A/C. A great day trip from Bangkok for sure. I do suggest not visiting in March/April since it is the hotter months in Thailand. Lesson learned.

Bangkok Trekking: A rather small trek really. Visited the Nation Art Museum, Learned the bus system (still learning [City 1]), and went to Golden Mountain. (featured are other places like Lumpini and other parts of Bangkok

A successful first week, but I’m really glad I have a few of my Fulbright fam. to tag along with. (Girl 1)

Elaine ❤


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