Chonburi, Thailand

It’s currently 5:31pm in Bangkok and I’m allowing myself to have a guilty pleasure at a Dean & Deluca and sit on a window seat with clear view of a city while listening to jazz music. I’ll have you know that this has never been done in Thailand because I paid 145baht on a smoothie which I’ll probably regret later but I had to. I wanted the feel of an insulated AC’d ambiance with jazz in the background. (Note 145baht is 4.16 usd and although that sounds normal, it’s not 35 baht is the cheapest best smoothie I’ve had before this. That is 3-4 lunches but it’s a damn good smoothie). 20160321_172840

I recently got asked what I do to entertain myself in Bangkok. Answering was effortless: Lumphini Park. After work between 4-7pm I walk to Lumphini and either walk, run, read, or write. On the weekends I have been entertained with the company of Dee & Mimi and touristy places in Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and now…


Friday we (Dee, Mimi, & I) met up at Victory Monument, hopped on a van to get to Chonburi and met up with Thomas! (if only it was as fast as that, it was a good 2 1/2 hrs to get out of Bangkok). The good thing is that we were going to stay with Thomas and not have to worry about spending money on a hotel.

The PROBLEM he lives in an all boys dorm. We didn’t find this information out until we were seconds from stepping in and a guard stopped us all.

Greeaat… Decision: get a room for the night and the next day we’d all stay in Koh Si Chang (an island off of Chonburi)

Getting to the hotel was another struggle. Luckily we ran into some college students that saw “Lost farang (foreigner)” on our faces and decided to talk to the song tow (two bench truck) for us to give him directions to our hotel. Kob Khun Ka’s (Thank yous) Wais (bowing in sign of respect) were exchanged. We get off where the song tow stopped and Google told us to go straight then left…into a dark street. Ummm maybe we should double check? Nope before my words can escape my mouth I’m trying to catch up to two bold tiny (Yes I’m exaggerating) Asian American friends I’m such a chicken. We get to the end of the street and as I thought no hotel to be found. There WAS this older lady selling street food and who asked where we were headed. Her; what seemed to be, son called the hotel and then understood where we were supposed to go.

He pointed at a girl across the street and motorbikes. Oh okay!  hop on motor bike = get ride to correct place. (Sorry mom & dad I got on the motor bike) We were safe and couldn’t believe our luck in finding two sets of really nice locals in Chonburi to take us to the right place.     Honestly only in Thailand can I be so trusting.

Saturday we head to Siracha (yes like the sauce where the name was founded) and jump on a ferry to Koh Si Chang.

After 45 mins we arrive, eat and then get stuck at a 7/11 for 20 minutes under the impression we were getting picked up by the homestay. We decide to walk to find this place and realize it was only 5 mins uphill. Oh. After we spend about 45 minutes deciding what room we were going to stay in that can fit us all and not break the bank, we decided not to stay and leave Koh Si Chang after we were done at the beach. Okay.  

Cherry on top? We walk 20 minutes to the beach with a hill in the middle with A LOT of humidity and me very much dehydrated.

Was it worth it? YES! Once we arrive we take pictures order some coke in order to rent our chairs and finally I find a clean white sand beach in Thailand. (note: I haven’t given Thailand much of a chance due to only going to 1 beach in Koh Phi Phi) Another worth it reason was that I swam like a fish for hours.

The next day we went to hell. Not literally but this garden called: Wang Sean Suk Hell Garden. It was quite disturbing really and after we decided we were dead ourselves and headed back to Bangkok.

In the works: Presenting at a university, seeing 1600 pandas & Saraburi. I promise I’m working 40 hrs a week.

Elaine ❤




One thought on “Chonburi, Thailand

  1. Well you did worry me after reading your blog about not finding the hotel and having to do what you had to do. Thank God uou were not alone. Please dont do that in Korea. Make sure you are in safe places and only the places your friend tell you to go.


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