April = SUMMER!

Heat & Strides: April in Bangkok, and it is burning! I’ve seen that April has gifted snow to parts of the US regardless if it’s spring. As for Bangkok last week’s average was 93 F with 79% humidity. The craziest thing about this weather is me walking in it. I have a pedometer on my phone, but never really used it. This month is different. When I got the phone I chose for my goal to be 4 miles everyday (that was back in America). It never happened. This month, I’ve accomplished that everyday and more but once a week(ish). So thats about 5+ miles max I’ve done being 10 miles.

The difference from February to March is drastic

The goal for the year was to eat all the pad thai and thai tea I could before going back to America. Turns out pad thai is my least eaten food in Thailand and I have found other teas more refreshing like lemon tea or ceylon tea with ‘mai wan’ (no sweet) that don’t make my stomach hurt as much [I think I may be lactose intolerant *crying*]…. I’d joke with my friends how they were going to have to roll me into the plane back to America since I thought I would just indulge.

Reality is I’ve lost weight and can’t eat as much as I did in America. I try; trust me, and I still have WAY too much sugar and sweets but that’s what makes me so nice, so it’s okay. This is just the 6th month and in a city were walking is permitted. Sukhothai is different so maybe I’ve lost these 11lbs and will gain 20 after going back to my little province where I get looked at with crazy eyes for walking to the market. I’ll keep you updated.

20160331_175010DANCE: As for this past week’s events it was a lot of work but I also found a dance studio! I signed up for 5 classes with a student deal and just have 2 more. It was funny since the Zumba instructor was from Spain and asked if I could speak Spanish and we ended up having a tri-lingual conversation from English-Spanish-Thai.

WORK: Friday I got to go to another University and answer questions about the US culture and how to choose the right college. I love moments like these because I can push students to go for their goal without having to be a teacher. A student was told she wasn’t capable of doing a MA program in Michigan; they didn’t look at her credentials and barely spoke to her not realizing this chick was on point. I told her to prove them wrong and still apply and really hope she does.



Ladies night photos before I got bored and walked 45 mins home… (I miss going out in Mex).

Museum Siam: Is a great museum and highly recommended it was very interactive, interesting and one can touch everything and take photos too. I wish I could take my students here becuase a lot of them make fun of others who aren’t ‘full Thai,’ and the the theme was how, “Real Thainess has a multitude of roots.” They also had a Myanmar Up-Close section that was eye opening and moving too. I got to chose my Burmese name and it’s ‘May Sanda Win’ meaning ‘Sweet heart, Moon, Bright.’ Fun stuff.

Failed Attempt: At going up the Ghost Tower in Saphin Taksin. Yes it’s illegal. Did I think that? Not really. I saw so many people post pictures and even my own friends, I thought it was okay until we reached the gate. With talking to the guard he admitted to letting people in before but then said he couldn’t anymore since they’ve been keeping a closer watch. OH WELL. Probably best to not to do illegal actions in a foreign country, I guess…

What was initially a failure turned into a yummy success with Sushi. Also I braided and ‘curled’ my hair. It had been a while since it got styled.

I’m sitting on my last week of internship finishing projects and taking a deep breathe before I dive into my month of becoming a backpacker.  Itinerary: Laos; Chiang Mai, & Pai (Thailand); South Korea; & Rayong (Thailand).

Still debating whether I’ll be blogging for the month or not.

Wish me luck!

Elaine ❤



One thought on “April = SUMMER!

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you are almost done with your intership. That sure went quick. I hope you continue to blog because even when you start your month vacation. Therr will be so much you will be seeimg and so much we will enjoy seeing reading about your adventures. Please think about it. Take care of yourself and be careful when you travel. Please try not to teavel by yourself. Love you. Que Diosito te Bendiga.


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