A Day in Pai

The time to go to Pai is during or immediately after the rainy season. I’ve seen photos and its darn awesome looking. I unfortunately only had time to go during the dry smoggy season, regardless I can tell this place is beautiful through all of the dryness. Just means I have to come back!

So we checked in on the 17th (Still part of the Buddhist New Year so everything was closed) & checked out on the 19th early in the morning. So yes only 24 hrs in Pai but we did a tour that knocked out all of our (Crystal and I) interests:

Kiu Lom View Point

*Lot Tham Nam Cave

Sai Ngam Hot Spring

Mor Pang Waterfall

*Pai Canyon


Not much to say really it was a lot of driving in between and I was starting to crash from going from one city to the next. Currently in Lampang taking a rest from the travels with Crystal. We have been coffee shop chilling, cooking Thai dishes & went to the Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum where we learned a lot of cool facts about those chicken bowls you see everywhere!

OMG what a waste of paid travel time!’—Well, No. Honestly it’s a vacation from the vacation that way I can go go go in Seoul, South Korea! Plus I’m still having fun and most importantly, relaxing.

Next post is for sure about South Korea!

Elaine ❤


One thought on “A Day in Pai

  1. You are such a daring little 👧. You scared me when I saw you on that cliff. Don’t be so daring. Please. This is mama bear’s advise. Love you. Que Diosito te Bendiga.


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